What Makes a Great Label Supplier? Insider Insights for Smart Choices

Shipping labels, today, have a high demand for businesses that need to send a huge volume of parcels to their customers. Many small business owners, e-commerce, and shipping companies have the same purpose behind choosing a shipping label.

If some e-commerce companies or fulfilment centres require these labels to send out the products to the right address, many other logistics companies require them for product tracking, too. For this reason, identifying the right label supplier is a decision that should always remain a primary concern.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting a label supplier, ensuring you partner with a company that aligns with your business needs and values.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Label Supplier

1.Choose the Right Balance of Quality and Quantity

Meeting specific quality standards is a focus for businesses choosing a label supplier. High-quality labels reflect your business reputation. Look for suppliers with robust quality control processes throughout the production cycle, from material selection to printing and finishing. Remember that large volumes of label printing requirements should not compromise the quality.

Ask your chosen suppliers about quality certifications like ISO9001. This will strengthen your confidence in selecting labels that meet the regulatory requirements and are consistent in quality. It is also advisable to enquire a label supplier about their quality assurance measures, including how they handle errors or defects and their policy on customer satisfaction.

2. Prefer Material Variety and Options

A label material, essentially when choosing a material for shipping labels, is a must-to-consider aspect when deciding on a partnership with a supplier. As a safe practice, your partner supplier should understand your needs first and then begin by guiding you through the range of materials available to them.

Start with specifying all the conditions in which labels will be exposed, the application surface, and sustainable goals you might have.

A good label supplier offers a wide variety of materials to suit different applications, from waterproof and UV-resistant labels for outdoor use to eco-friendly options for sustainable packaging. Inquire about the customisation options, including different finishes (matte, glossy, textured,) adhesives (permanent, removable) and tear-proof quality while selecting a material.

3. Customisation Capabilities

Your label is an extension of your brand, and customisation is key to creating shipping labels that resonate with your audience. A reputable label supplier should offer extensive customisation options, including various shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes.

Additionally, they should guide designs that can enhance your label’s effectiveness, such as using certain fonts, colours, or logos. The ability to produce custom labels for unique label shapes or offer variable data printing for personalised labels can also be a significant advantage.

Explore the supplier’s portfolio to see examples of their custom work and see their ability to bring your vision to life.

4. Ability to Provide Customer Service Excellence

Exceptional customer service is a hallmark of a superior label supplier. From your initial inquiry to delivery and beyond, the supplier should be responsive, helpful, and proactive in addressing your needs.

Look for suppliers who assign a dedicated account manager to your project, ensuring you have a direct point of contact for any questions or concerns. The best suppliers view their role as a partnership, offer expert advice and welcome your opinions to ensure the best possible quality shipping labels.

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5. Look for Modern Technology in Printing Labels

The label industry is continually evolving, with new technologies and innovations enhancing label production’s quality, efficiency, and capabilities. Suppliers investing in the latest printing technologies, such as digital or thermal label printing, can offer superior print quality, faster turnaround times, and more cost-effective solutions for large and small print runs.

Additionally, suppliers at the forefront of innovation can provide access to advanced features like RFID tags, tamper-evident seals, or augmented reality labels, which can add significant value to your product packaging.

6. Consider Environmental Impact

Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for consumers and even for businesses. A label supplier who commits to environmental sustainability can help you meet your own sustainability goals and provide low-impact shipping labels.

Look for suppliers offering eco-friendly label materials, such as recycled content, biodegradable or compostable options, and practising sustainable manufacturing processes. Suppliers should be transparent about their environmental initiatives, allowing them to communicate these efforts to their customers.

7. Evaluate Cost and Value

While cost is an important consideration, evaluating the value a label supplier offers is crucial beyond just the price point. The cheapest option may not always provide the best deal if it compromises quality, durability, or service.

Consider the cost-effectiveness of each supplier in the long run. Think about the quality of materials, customisation options, technological capabilities, customer service, and their ability to meet your delivery timelines. A good supplier will work with you to find solutions that fit your budget without sacrificing on factors that are critical to your label’s success.

8. Checking References and Reviews

Before making your final decision, check references and reviews from the supplier’s current and past clients. This can provide invaluable insights into their reliability, quality of work, and customer service. Ask for case studies or examples of similar projects they’ve completed, and consider reaching out directly to their clients for firsthand feedback.


Selecting the right label supplier is a critical business decision that can significantly impact your product’s market success. Focus on quality assurance, material variety, customisation capabilities, customer service excellence, technological innovation, environmental sustainability, and overall value. You can find a supplier that meets your current needs and supports your brand’s growth and evolution.

Remember, the best supplier is one that views your success as their success, working as a true partner in your business endeavours.

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