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With the rise in digitization, imposters actively use complex strategies to breach security networks. They generate fake ID documents and use them to make business relationships with enterprises in the name of investments. Businesses are becoming victims of counterfeit investors and face cybercriminal threats of getting engaged in money laundering for onboarding the wrong entities. Know Your Investor compliance helps organizations overcome fraud attacks and verify investors during onboarding. Fake investors and shell companies seek to invade business credentials and private information during onboarding. To avoid these potential risks, know your investor solutions is introduced to the organization for enhanced security and to create a risk-free environment for cooperation.

Understand Know Your Investor Verification

Know your investor verification is becoming crucial for business security and regulatory compliance.  Before onboarding, it is essential to investigate investor corporate businesses and understand their legitimacy to determine their possible risks. Many organizations want to collaborate with active and legal companies to achieve the target goals and boost mutual sales. However, due to the high risk of cybersecurity threats and suspicious activities, businesses seek accessible security services to make them secure. Know Your Investor provides a secure and risk-free investor verification process with a high accuracy rate. It depends on the following factors that play an essential part in KYI onboarding management:

  • Identification
  • Monitoring
  • Verification

Why is it Essential to Perform the KYI Verification Process?

Multiple risks and dangers are associated with investor onboarding, so it is vital to investigate the other business to ensure its identity.  There are some the reasons that are carried out by the verification process are as follows:

  1. It enhances the relationship with other entities in the business landscape and ensures that associations are happening successfully.
  2. This service helps reduce the business’s total cost rate, as the KYI process is backed by artificial intelligence.
  3. The KYI verification process assists in maintaining compliance and credibility with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols by verifying potential investors. 
  4. It helps the business to pick up and cooperate with only valid entities.
  5. KYI verification restricts criminals from making false and illegal transactions.
  6. It enables companies to identify the individual behind the organization and detect shell companies.

Step-by-step Procedure of Know Your Investor 

Per the  KYI requirements, this procedure is conducted with some essential steps. A deep analysis of the investor background and target organization is crucial to prevent illicit illegal authorities. It includes the following steps:

Documents Collection

Organizations initially ask individuals to submit the required official documents to start the onboarding process to ensure their legitimacy. These papers include individual ID cards, licenses, and passports.  If the investor is in any business, the company’s identification, registration, license, ownership details, address, and phone number are required for the KYI process. 

Documents & Information Verification

The second step of the KYI procedure is to verify the documents with authentic resources to determine their originality and validity. This process requires identifying the security factors on the papers, such as signatures, stamps, and other visible elements, depending on the type of paper. Automated AI and ML algorithms Verify Accredited Investor the legitimacy of the provided information. 

Many scammers easily duplicate the company’s details and access businesses as real entities. Businesses need to convert the written documents with computer-readable text and then scan them to cross-match the particulars with the stored ones.

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Individuals’ ID Verification

Know Your Investor verification process requires investigating the individuals associated with the company. These entities include UBOs, suppliers, consumers, shareholders, etc. This determines that these persons are legal and not involved in criminal activities like money laundering and terrorism financing.

Business Operations Verification

Involving with other businesses brings up high risks, and fraudulently in the B2B sector, verifying the ongoing business operation and ensuring their source of earnings is essential.  KYI checks demonstrate where the company’s clients come from, in what industry they are working, whether they are generating black or white money, etc.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the KYI process indicates that nothing wrong or illegal happens in the business onboarding. This determines that the collected information is identical and that any suspicious activity is detected. To make this process more efficient, gather the latest information.

Summing Up

Know Your Investor process identifies the legitimacy and authenticity of the individuals and cooperating companies before entering any business relationship. Nowadays, many entities are involved in criminal activities like money laundering and terrorism financing. Investigating them and assisting the firm in maintaining compliance with AML protocols is crucial to have secure investments. 

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